Who we are what we do

Junior is headed by Ellius Grace and George Voronov. Ellius is a portrait and fashion photographer with a great taste in socks and George is a documentary photographer, photobook nerd and part-time adventurer. 

We make magazines and zines and put on events and wear loud socks and cycle and skate and take photographs and love you.

We believe in young people. And we believe in giving them a voice. We want to bring people together, to share ideas, to challenge ourselves and others. We want to get work out there. 

Lets foster a community of young Irish photographers. Lets get together, lets talk, lets show each other work and lets do something rad. 

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Our story

We started out as a thing and now we are a thing that does more things some of which are the same and some of which are different but only slightly.

All of the things that we do involve shoving photography that you have not seen straight up your corneas. Sometimes we use printed matter for this task, other times we like to see people in person and make them look at things on walls.