Junior 2: Freedom

Junior 2: Freedom


Junior Magazine is a photographic journal that provides a platform for emerging talent in Irish photography. We seek to foster a new photographic community and shine a spotlight on outstanding work that is too often overlooked.

Welcome to our second issue.

A lot has changed in the year since we launched Junior 1. We are living in a brave new world. The United States, in an exercise of pure unadulterated democracy, has given us “The Donald”. Britain just pulled the trigger on Article 50. Ireland is edging ever-closer to a revolution on reproductive-rights. Ellius has long hair now.

So what better time than now? A time when fake news leaks out of our screens, when memes decide elections, and when the future seems uncertain. What better time than now to have a think about freedom?

We give you: The Freedom Issue. 

Within these pages we dissect and discuss the many notions of freedom. From it’s definition to its antithesis, from the macro to the micro, and from the past into the future. We will be presenting project features from some of Ireland’s most promising photographers. 

Additionally, we will be mixing photographs with the written word as some of Ireland’s emerging literary talent respond to images from Clare Lyons, Darragh Soden and more.

This issue will be something special. We can’t wait for you to see it.

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